About Pawvana

Tami Greer

Owner & Chief “Pawvana” Advocate!

Certified in Dog Behavior through Pet Behavior Solutions

Trained in Pet CPR & First Aid

Insured, Licensed & Bonded


My Commitment

I believe in caring for your furry kids as if they were my own. Once a client, I consider you and yours to be members of my extended Pawvana family. When you travel, or have to work long hours, I want you to have peace of mind that your pets are well cared for, and that your home is safe and sound. If your furry kids find themselves behind my lens, you’ll find the session to be as fun and as low stress as possible. I love my chosen career and I think you’ll find that it flows through in all of the interactions with Pawvana. I look forward to meeting you and your amazing pets!


I come by my love of animals honestly. Growing up in Nebraska, we had virtually every feathered, furry & scaly critter in the home at one point or another. It was a wonderful experience, and instilled in me an unending compassion and strong sense of responsibility when it comes to caring for our extended family friends. (We had: dogs, parakeets, parrots, canaries, guinea pigs, white rats, hamsters, geese, ducks, chickens, pheasants, countless fish & BURROS!)

Career Background

I came to the animal industry later in life, spending the first two decades in extreme different ends of the corporate spectrum. My first career stop was in non-profit management, working full-time while pursuing my undergrad (Psychology) and graduate (MBA) degrees. I left that small and comfortable world in 2001 and moved to Arizona and spent the next 12+ years in various procurement & human resource roles at Intel Corporation. Both were amazing experiences and in each their own way, would give me skills and connections that would provide the basis for my next career adventure.

The Switch!

In 2006, I adopted my first furry family member as an adult, a ragdoll/siamese blend kitty named Romeo. Of course he needed his Juliet, and when they both proved to be the highest maintenance kitties in the world (written with the deepest love!), I broke down and adopted a 1yo Neapolitan mastiff named Daisy. It’s these three animals that reactivated the nurturing gene in me, and led me in part to become heavily involved with a local animal rescue, as well as employee driven rescue efforts at Intel. As often comes with age, I realized several years ago (after adopting another animal… or two) that life is simply too short to spend the vast majority of your time doing things that you don’t LOVE, especially when you know you can make a tangible difference exercising that passion. The seeds of change were planted and I began to plot my next career adventure… I didn’t know what it was going to include yet, but I knew it would be focused on helping animals. In May of 2014, I took the extraordinarily scary (but exciting) move and left Intel to start my own Petsitting business. It was the perfect way for me to meld the business acumen I’d collected over the years, with my love and respect for animals and their people. Pawvana has since grown to include pet phtography, blogging, with more on the horizon!


I am (or have been in the last decade) a devoted Mom to a furry crew of 4 dogs, 4 cats, 1 finch & 1 cockatiel. They have kept me on my toes and have given me a wealth of experience including asthma (kitty), EGC (kitty), allergies (pup), bile reflux (pup), leash reactivity (mastiff), extra-extra picky eater’s disease (dog & kitty), and sporadic general grumpiness (shih-tzu & kitty). My extended Pawvana client family includes aging kitties (19+yrs), insulin-dependent kitties, aging pups, young and bouncy labs, guinea pigs, bunnies & fish…. and everything in between!


Commissioned “Pet-rait” courtesy of Katy Helen (San Diego, CA)

I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to have been given opportunities to learn from some of the best in our community.
In 2012, I began volunteering with Friends for Life Animal Rescue in Gilbert, taking on various roles over the last five years including: dog caregiver, adoption counselor, dog foster coordinator (and foster home), dog behavior evaluator & fundraising director (board position).
In the fall of 2014, I began working periodically with Pet Behavior Solutions in Scottsdale, learning the intricacies of dog & cat behavior and basic choice oriented training techniques.